Monday, February 2, 2009

Kinda Disappointed!

Well, I met with my trainer and things went as expected but I guess the naive part of me didn't really think about how much it was going to cost. The way my trainer has it set up is very affordable and they are just awesome people but still with the affordable method I can't really justify this extra expense. We would be really over-extending ourselves to do this right now. I worked my calculator in every way possible, believe me. SOOOOOOO, I talked it over with the hubby and I am going to save up for one in October!! My goal from now until I start to train with her is to gain muscle and lose body fat. Easy right???????

One of my things since having my 3rd baby is reading all kinds of nutritional books from all different perspectives. I find that I am able to take some things from everything that I have read. The ones I just ordered are on the topic of sugar sensitivity. From reading different articles on the subject, I think I definitely have some of these characteristics. And I am thinking that sugar makes me crabby?!!! Weird huh? But I guess this is not uncommon in people who have a sensitivity to sugar. I find that once I start eating these simple (carbby) foods, that it is all I want or will choose to eat. I can't wait for them to get here. Hurry up Amazon!!!!

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